Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chic is not a Carbon Copy

This makes me smile.
Because it breaks a few rules in favor of infusing some personality into the look.
Replace the skirt with jeans and we have a cowgirl.
With the skirt, however, there is a message of femininity and glamour.
But we still have any idea of from where she came.
Start by studying a picture that captivates you.
Being chic doesn't mean buying this literal jacket & dress.
It means asking yourself why it speaks to you.
You like the shade of yellow.
You like to mix solids and prints.
You love bows and preppy touches.
Extract those ideas and incorporate it on your own.
Being chic may require a little homework.
But you also have to know yourself and individualize things.
Being chic never means creating carbon copies.

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