Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashion Evolution: Katie Holmes

There wasn't always a Katie Holmes.
There was Joey Potter, the girl down the creek.
Casual. Tom-Boyish.
But always pretty.
Years passed.
& we got TomKat.
[Identity Crisis?]
The dress? The hair?
Not exactly the fashionista we know today.
More years passed.
We got Suri...the most fashionable tot in the world.
[Another post for another time]
Hair cut.
Fashionista was on the prowl.
Fast-Forward to 2011.
Mom. Wife. Actress.
Singer. Dancer.
Fashion Designer.
Yes...Holmes & Yang.
Some may think she is a robot.
I refuse to believe it.
I wanted to be Joey Potter at one point.
She still has an identity outside of Tom.
A very chic one, at that.

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