Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fashion Forward-Spring 2012

I did some homework.
I know, I know...Fall just arrived,
so why am I writing about Spring 2012?

Because it pays to know in advance.
Pick which trends you'll adopt...
[And which ones you'll leave on the runway]
By buying early, you may score some bargains!

Bold Colors.
Think Magenta. Power Yellow.
Or go pastel!
Soft, feminine, and very Spring...
Play with PRINTS.
Floral will be huge.
How is this shape?
I love the peplum tops and fitted bottoms.
It adds some feminine flair.
Just be careful not to do volume on top and bottom.

Be inspired.
Pick & Choose.
The Runway may dictate the trends,
but you are your own editing eye.

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