Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Chic to Fast

it is chic to fast.
no, not from food.
from spending $
if you're like me, you've done enough shopping and receiving this holiday season
and it feels like an addiction that digs its nails into you
but i've decided to go on a 60-day fashion fast.
gasp?! that's right.
because restraint is chic.
let's face it. i don't ever take a break from fashion.
but spending less means i can spend more time
getting my fashion fix through
research. sketching. and of course pinning.
this isn't mine, but it sure does look like a fun challenge!
spending less also means learning to be creative with what you do have.
so, this new years, i'll be inventing a look out of my closet
rather than succumbing to the pressure of buying brand new.
it also means reorganizing
and taking inventory of what I have
this is my inspiration
[only i am working with 1/100th of the space]

the moral of the story is that you can still get a fashion fix
without draining your bank account
it takes a dash of restraint
a dollap of creativity
and a shift in perspective.

new is nice
but it comes with a price
just know to begin
that chic comes from within
and before you spend
take a good look at the trend
yes, it will dance in your head elusively
but when you say no
you're in control
and that is chic

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