Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking Ahead: Resort 2012 to Spring 2012

resort wear
thought to be associated with the wealthy and fabulous
who spend the cold months on cruises and exotic islands
well, the fashion world took that to heart
and every year designers create resort lines
that wow those of us who spend winter in our one and only home.
what do we see?
florals. brights. slits. flowing.
and before you know it, we are talking spring trends
let's be real, we've been talking spring trends for a while now
that's how it goes. they're even talking pre-fall
but we won't get ahead of ourselves today.

take note
if you're into black and white all year
there is a place for you
but this season, it looks like you will fade into the background
with all the punchy tangerines and pastel shades.
also, embrace the drop waist
it can do a lot to capture the effortless chic in you
finally, dare to wear a cropped top
[without something under it]
it can be done tastefully without looking like an homage to
beverly hills 90210 [of the 90s]

this season, adopt a trend that speaks to you
turn heads
amaze us all

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