Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Modern Bohemians of Fashion

"boho-chic", if you will...
has its icons
both living and enduring legacies

think, nicole richie
who utilized bohemian inspirations
to create her own line
house of harlow
we watched them grow up
actresses turned designers
who one day seemed to embody bohemia
or "grunge-chic" with all the holes, fringe, and oversized proportions
that's right, mk & a
they extracted some of that boho-flair
and created elizabeth and james
[see also, the row and stylemint]
the beatles weren't the only thing from london
who invaded american culture and consumerism
that's sienna miller
who once plaid edie sedgwick
and captivated ladies with her effortless chic factor
continuing the trend
sienna harnessed her inner-bohemian
and created the line
the next boho-diva is more of a fusion
of bohemian & parisian chic
she spends her life dressing others
but always impeccably dressed herself
miss rachel zoe
the most recent icon to design,
rachel zoe now has clothing adorning the racks
of the places she frequently shops for clients
lessons? themes?
once just a faces on the screen
now the crafters of seams?
the draping, the fringe, effortless attire
influenced the folks who owned the boho scenes
to take their turn to inspire

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