Sunday, January 8, 2012

Interpret the Runway 1

if you flip through vogue,
you'll inevitably find ads
wherein the fashion is borderline outrageous
you may find similar sensationalism in runway shows
and think
"people don't actually wear this on the street."
point taken, but there is a lot we can be learn from
runway looks and editorial ads.
take this vera wang spring 2012 for example.
maybe we wouldn't wear this exact outfit anywhere
but what is the look telling us about spring trends?
pastel. texture. structure. layering.
take the element(s) you like
and hit the mall in search for something inspired by this vera wang.
or how about this mcqueen?
speaking of gaga, maybe she could wear this look face-to-toe
but the rest of us would be far less literal.
instead of dismissing the whole look as hannibal, notice:
shear. graphic. strappy shoe. fitted. lace.
we see ads like this all the time in vogue.
take time to appreciate the art of it all
and the subtle stories the pictures tell.
bra tops are back. bold prints are in.
oh, and feel free to mix said prints.

the point is that you may feel like high fashion editors and designers
are out of touch with what common people wear in their daily lives
but what makes the fashion world fabulous is that
it can show you the trends in an artistic and creative way.
don't take it literally, but let it inspire you.
don't be intimidated or annoyed by vogue and the like
embrace them and extract from them the things that resonate with you
[here's to hoping you don't choose the face art bit a la mcqueen]

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