Saturday, January 7, 2012

When Preppy & Chic Unite

do you ever feel like preppy looks
in and of themselves
are lacking something?
[see above]
I see elements of prep-
plaid. belted. flats. cardigan.
but, face it, she looks like she might go to a sock hop.
but if you take what is cute about preppy clothes
put it in a blender with, say, modernity
you'll get something a lot more interesting.
cardigan + belted + polkadots + denim +correct proportions = preppy chic
bold color + gingham +cardigan = preppy chic #2
glasses + sweater + collared shirt + beachy hair = preppy chic #3

so, what are you afraid of?
that you'll get kicked out of boarding school?
good. that means you are likely inching closer and closer to chic.

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