Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Color Inspiration. Dare to Adorn?

fuel your fashion based on what inspires you
consider the picture below.

why? the color.
the effortless cool.
the beach
but we know that life is a lot less editorial.

here is an inspirational play on color.
why it works? 
there is at least one element in the outfit that is cohesive with the others.
the orange nail picks up the orange sleeve cuff and the orange in the bracelet.
any danger of being "too loud" is mitigated by
the neutral-toned celine bag.

ooh the vibrance. 
years ago, you would hear folks scowling that this clashes.
why it works?
[and not just because the runway gods said so]
they are analogous colors on the spring color wheel.
so change your mind. accept it. 
your eye will catch up shortly.
[that is how we all convinced ourselves it was a good idea to buy ugg boots]

color does a lot for your mood. 
and it is a nice accessory to our coming spring backdrop.
let's face it, in a world of bad news and economic woes,
the least we can do is have an uplifting wardrobe.

here's to color in 2012.

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