Friday, March 30, 2012

organizing my chaos

allow me to experiment...

admittedly, blogging is something new to me.
writing is not, but blogging taps into skill sets that are altogether different.
[these photoshop graphics, for example]

if you'll bear with me, i am going to give it a whirl.

what do we see here?

the whole thing: 
a book shelf. when andrew's dad built us a huge book shelf,
i had this one to spare.
[music to my closet's ears]
this was my winter version.

represents four of the squares i use for pants. 
pants were taking up so much room in my closet, 
that i plucked them all out and folded them.
[2 squares are denim; 1 is black, white, and neutral; and the bottom left is for workout pants]

scarves + clutches. 
andrew and i received so many great bowls for our wedding,
that i decided to repurpose them and use them for storage

sunnies + gloves + glasses.
before, my sunglasses stayed in a purse somewhere.
[vulnerable to breaking or falling out]
now that they have a place,
i've kept up with them so much better!

display your most prized pair of shoes.
[mine were a gift from uncle sam]
display them like you would see in a boutique.
these are next to an audrey dvd collection.
[who doesn't die for audrey hepburn?]

tory burch flats.
face it, i was running out of room in my closet for shoes.
because these are all the same brand and style,
i store them in a cool silver bowl for ready-access.

chic take-away:
when your wardrobe turns to chaos,
get creative. personalize. 
make your favorite fashions accessible.
and by all means, make yours a lot neater than mine! 

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