Monday, March 26, 2012

buzzing like neon

this season's buzz? 
the coolest thing about this trend is that you can
fully embrace it or incorporate it in a more subtle way. 

fully embracing with neon coral 
[yes, it is a color - just ask michelle williams' oscar dress]

head-to-toe neon tangerine.
on the extreme end of the neon spectrum, 
but chic nonetheless

 you can get a neon fix through your accessories 
if you aren't ready to commit to neon garments.

dare to incorporate neon into your makeup scheme?
c'mon do it! it is temporary!
[for the commitment-phobes]

this is easy. the classic sperry topsider + neon.
endorsed by preps everywhere :)

like any trend, you can choose to pass or play.
but neon has something to offer everyone,
so i encourage you to play.
[maybe sit out the next trend - especially if it involves hammer pants]

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