Thursday, March 15, 2012

chic city spotlight: chicago, featuring macie kriger

when i took a spring break, so did the blog.
but we are back with a wonderful contribution
about the fashion in chicago from
macie kriger, a third-year law student in chicago.

if you could describe chicago fashion in one would, what would it be?


      i've spent only a limited time in chicago myself, but my impression is that it is a city with access to all the high fashion but also has pretty extreme weather at times. how do folks in  chicago both keep warm and look fashionable?

this is a difficult one that i struggle with myself. so you pretty much just have to get a really cute down jacket and some cute sturdy boots, because that is all people see on you when you are outside. i have a pair of frye boots that i literally wear every day to school. as for jackets, during the day i wear my northface down jacket and at night i switch off between a white quilted milly jacket and a black leather one with fur on the collar.

      what are the most popular brands or stores in chicago based on your experience there?

      We just got a topshop and that has been really popular, as well zara and all saints. i still like going to neimans and nordstroms though because it’s a better variety and there are sales pretty often.

      fill in the blank. if you wore _______ in chicago, you would stick out like a sore thumb.

      ed hardy.

      what would the average girl in chicago be wearing on a typical day?

so the default outfit that i see most around the city is: skinny dark jeans tucked into boots (such as the tory burch or frye boots), a blouse (something like a joie or theory neutral blouse) and a fitted pea coat or down jacket for the cooler days.  if it’s raining, every girl in the city will be wearing their colored hunter boots.

      what trends are dominating in chicago right now? what do you predict will be popular in the spring?

neutrals and neon, pops of color, and skirts that are shorter in the front and longer in the back.

      having lived in memphis, arizona, and chicago, how do the cities differ in their senses of style?

well, each city is pretty different. before i moved to arizona, i don’t think i ever considered wearing a mini-skirt. memphis is conservative and preppy with polos and j.crewish items. arizona is definitely more risqué with short dresses, short skirts, see-through blouses, mid-drift tops and sky high heels. i’m not sure if this “lack of clothes” style has to do with it being so damn hot in arizona, or that people are more into working out and being in shape, or that i was just in a college town and girls overall dress more promiscuous in college. whatever the case, my wardrobe definitely changed when i moved to arizona. then, when i moved to chicago, i immediately noticed a more casual and hipster vibe throughout the city. it is really all about looking cool without the effort. girls wear a lot of blouses and button downs but they make it unique with how they accessorize it. cool belts, bracelets, purses, colored pants, leather leggings, whatever it takes to make their outfit a little more hipster-chic and a little less traditional.

      what is your favorite part about living in chicago as it pertains to fashion?

i love that you can wear jeans anywhere. jeans, a blouse, and a blazer will basically get you in any restaurant or night club in the city.

      what makes chicago fashion unique from other big cities like new york or los angeles?

ehh, chicago is definitely more laid back than both of those cities. when i think of new york, i think of super high fashion and that people are trying to make a fashion statement every time they go out. that is definitely not the case here. most people want to be comfortable and then look good.

      1-10. how much does the average girl in chicago value her fashion and overall appearance?

i would say a 7. i mean everyone wants to look good, but it’s not such a priority to wear the latest and greatest thing. 

what did we learn? 
much like denver and ithaca, 
in the cold weather cities,
it is function over fashion
[but usually both live harmoniously]

a special thanks to macie for taking the time
to tell us about her observations of fashion,

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