Saturday, April 7, 2012

graduating to chic

it is april.
that means two things are upon us...
rain & graduations. 
finding the perfect dress to wear under your gown can be tricky.

ark & co. monaco pleated dress via piperlime. $69.00
this is conservative. trendy. affordable.
caution: if you're too tall, this dress may be too short
[you know, compromising the conservative aspect]

pim + larkin colette dress (4 colors) via piperlime. $79.00
basic. great neckline. comes in different colors.
and who doesn't love a pocket?

gemma wrap dress via banana republic $98.00
if you fell in love with kate middleton's wrap dress look,
then this may be for you. 

asos peplum midi dress with v neck $71.62
while the model appears a bit...[ahem]...chesty,
this could be fantastic on the right body.

jacquard pattern dress with low cut back via zara $79.90
classic with a cool texture.
i call it "taking the hepburn approach"

basket-weave shift dress at j.crew $148.00
on the pricier side,
but you can always count on j.crew to be 
cute and well made.

even if you don't like these specific dresses,
these are great websites to begin your search.

tips to remember when searching for a graduation dress:
schools sometimes specify the color that your shoes need to be, so make sure to match.
don't wear something you'll hate seeing in photographs in ten years.
you can dress funky for your after-party, so keep your graduation dress tame.
refined. sophisticated. classy.
if not for you, then do it for your parents :)

congratulations! what is more chic than wicked smarts?


  1. I love it -- these dresses all SPEAK Jordan to me. Totally classic and timeless while still feeling modern and being based on structured, straight lines. How crazy is it that outfits can speak our personalities?! :)


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