Sunday, May 6, 2012

festival chic

it's been a while, readers.
i blame exams, wedding season, and an unanticipated medical interruption.
[i am fine, see capturing diabetes for details]
but, frankly, it's glad to be back.
in honor of this weekend,
i thought we'd talk about festival-chic.

take sienna miller's look, for example.
it is cute, stylish, and functional in the heat.
those of us who have experienced a warm memphis in may, we know how important this is!

here, rosie huntington-whiteley opts for a 70s vibe
with the flowered cut-offs and ankel boots.
[i swear i owned those shorts in my childhood]
let's be honest, what screams "festival!" more than 60s-70s?

going to a festival that is on the cooler side?
check out this layered look.
she layer, layer, layers on the top
[keeping the hippie vibe with the tribal print]
and keeps volume low on the bottom with skinnies and some sandals.
this is perfectly cute if you are expecting temperatures in the 60s or wind.

want to compile your own original festival look?
get on polyvore, where you can build your own, then shop it.
include keywords such as fringe, cut-offs, flare, tribal, aztec, bohemian, maxi, poncho, fedora, headdress, floral, cropped, bangles, vest, etc. 
you get the idea!

happy festival season :)

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