Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Best Dressed: Met Gala Edition

first, i'm all, "what's the met gala?"
wikipedia has all the answers. 
apparently dubbed "the oscars of the east coast", 
the met ball honors the opening of the fashion exhibit at the metropolitan museum of art.
im sure you all knew that, so i'll move on now that i've cultured myself.

there were some wow-dresses. here are my top 5.

ashley greene in donna karan
i love the simple elegance of the white contrasted with her easy-going hairdo. 
also, it is super flattering. 

sofia vergara in marchesa
i cannot conceive of a more flattering dress on her rockin' body. 
she has gotten really tiny, and this dress shows it off with a flare of femininity.
i just hope the weight-loss doesn't sacrifice her signature curves!

january jones in versace
whoever said blondes should dodge yellow never met january.
it is fantastically tailored, extremely fun, and on trend with the neon.
i'd love to see more january this may. 

nina dobrev in donna karan
frankly, i cannot think of a single reason why not
the color. the sparkle. the train. the arms. the one-shoulder. the side-bun. the shape.
i could go on and on, so i'll get to the my favorite.
[which, i think, was admittedly a lot of folks' favorite - but you'll see why]

camilla belle in ralph lauren
if you have to ask, then you should get your eyes checked. 
it looks like it was literally made for her. 
it reveals just enough to be sexy,
has a shine from the heavens, 
and it doesn't hurt that she is beyond gorgeous to begin with. 

but let's be real. some people did not look so chic last night.

can you pick out which one is the shiny bird, the ghost that aged herself 30 years, the undertaker who aged herself 30 years, and the one that raided the closet of my ancestors? 

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