Monday, May 21, 2012

falling for fall: j.crew

and it has happened once again -
in memphis this year, we arguably have had two seasons
fall & summer. 
now is the time that the fashion gods start to play mind games with me,
and i start to crave fall fashion.
let's spotlight j.crew

these pants are everything
is there anything more sophisticated than a camel-colored pant?
it is also refreshingly original to pair it with another neutral like gray.

all throughout the latest catalog-->monochromatic outfits
i love this nordic sweater with this shiny skirt.
if you can make a workday look this chic and comfortable, i am sold.
signed. sealed. delivered.
the shoes are unexpected, but i don't hate it. 

this is verging on kate spade, but it is very pretty.
i love the mixed prints and textures,
and i would pay a pretty penny for that tweed jacket.

so, i know, we haven't seen the dead of summer yet. 
we haven't reached our series of 100-degree days
but in the quiet of the dog days of summer, 
remember what is ahead.
start planning fall wardrobe now,
especially with warmer clothes on sale.

until next time...

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