Thursday, May 24, 2012

Prepping for Preppy

what do you think of when you think of prep?
for me, it conjures up images of ivy league students or sailing off the east coast.
in my head, there are two categories of preps -
true preps and fashion preps.
a true prep is a prep by nature. it is the life she lives and breathes.
a fashion prep may not be a prep in lifestyle, but channels the age-old look as a fashion choice.
it doesn't really matter which camp you fall into, if any.
but, i think dabbing into a preppy palette can go a long way.

we can start from the toes. 
see, maybe true preps wouldn't be caught dead in these shoes,
but this fashion prep would love them. 
both - 6.5 please. 
find them at piperlime.

the ingredients:
one button-down oxford + medium length pencil skirt + braided belt
the accessories:
pearls + bangles + headband

why not?
adorn yourself in an outfit like this and you can go to dinner, lunch, shopping, school
and the best part is that if you bump into your future boss, you looks refined. 

solid choice. 
can i have those shoes? 
i'll find where they are, and let you know. 
everything about this look is amazing.

so, maybe preppiness isn't for you
or maybe you'd like to dabble. 

good places to start:

piperlime (featuring a whole preppy line-up)
ralph lauren
tommy hilfiger
vineyard vines
kate spade
tory burch
l.l. bean
lily pulitzer
sperry topsider


  1. The shoes in the bottom picture are made by Bass. Here is the link. Happy shopping!

  2. Looking good sweetie! do you wanna follow each other?:X


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