Saturday, June 9, 2012

the audrey phenomenon

what is the audrey phenomenon? 
it seems as though 8/10 fashionistas list audrey hepburn as a source of inspiration.
why? how does one rise from actress to outright fashion icon?
? ? ?

let's investigate. 

first, it helps that she has all the raw materials. 

she's pretty. 
is she perfect
by no means...
in fact, you can find a lot of research regarding her own insecurities about being too thin.
 i am talking about her face -
large brown eyes + prominent eyebrows + infectious, quirky smile 
additionally, anyone who has seen her act knows that her voice exudes elegance and playfulness.
that's just a starting point.
most fashionistas have the raw materials

she got to know the right people in fashion.
audrey wanted givenchy.
though, according to this video, originally givenchy did not want audrey.
she slowly grew to be his muse. 
together, they created true, iconic looks - the ones with which we are most familiar. 

some x-factor.
in the same video, one interviewed said,
"the clothes never wore audrey. you always noticed her."
think about it, she lived in these clothes.
she looked so effortlessly comfortable in the breakfast at tiffany's lbd.

she wasn't afraid to move, pose, and give personality to each look she wore.

my theory:
women want to look put together.
audrey's looks looks always cover the right places and expose others
[her great neck and shoulders].
we want to be able to put on cropped pants, flats, and a headpiece and look this good.

i didn't come up with that adjective for audrey.
it has been applied to her fashion for decades.
i am simply one member of a generation who picked up on the intrigue.
for generations to come, people will continue to idolize and emulate audrey hepburn.
maybe you'll roll your eyes to hear another fashionista in the business claim
audrey hepburn as her greatest inspiration.
maybe you'll think to yourself sarcastically, 
"real original..."
but few people before or since audrey have been able to accomplish such a pervasive personal style.
i, for one, will never apologize for adoring audrey.

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