Monday, June 18, 2012

falling for fall: vince.

if it isn't obvious,
i am majorly jonesing for fall fashion.
already? yes, already.
there is something about the layering, knits, boots, and lack of sweat that gives me a feel of
comfort and sophistication. 
one of my faaavorite brands?

i am loving the contrast in volume and texture in the top and bottom.
doesn't it make you want to go to a fall tailgate or starbucks? 
[or am i just weird? distinct possibility...]

okay, i know. this is variation of what you just saw, but more layers.
vince. is known for its cashmere and high-quality materials.
while you may not see the comfort and warmth, trust me when i tell you, it exists.

i love fur touches if done with subtlety and in the right places. 
i also like the fur to be fake. 
sorry, i just don't feel comfortable wearing a rabbit.
but, if you are already killing the cow for meat, then i wil gladly wear the leather he makes also.

okay, so maybe vince. isn't in your desired price range. 
it isn't in mine either, so i usually get it with gift cards.
you can get a glimpse of how to wear certain fall essentials.
comfort and style live harmoniously together in fall fashion,
and i cannot wait to experience that myself.
here's to an early fall 

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