Monday, July 2, 2012

hold my purse while i steal your boyfriend's jacket...

while on neiman marcus' website recently, 
i noticed one of the major upcoming fall trends was

now, i pride myself a relatively girly person, but i must admit 
that i gravitate toward these pieces.
i think you will too when you see what i mean.

think button-down oxfords, blazers, and vests.

slacks, trousers, boyfriend jeans, and preppy plaids.

loafers. oxfords. moccasins, oh my!

the person with whom i most associate this look -

diane keaton.
i mean, are there many people more fabulous?

want to take part of the trend?
my advice: start your search early.
what is more chic than boldly borrowing from the boys?
and doing it better. 

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