Monday, August 13, 2012

Chic Television

one can derive fashion inspiration from any number of places.
i tend to be drawn to chicness in the form of magazine ads and television.
i get so enraptured by a character's fashion that i cannot decide whether
i like the character or just her fashion.

let's take it in order - 

i would be lying to you if i said i never went through a joey potter phase.
it wasn't glam or chic, but i spent a long time thinking she was the greatest thing since cher horowitz. 
it was the whole "girl-next-door", natural look.

the real star of the o.c. - summer roberts. 
this hit me at the tail end of high school and beginning of college.
everything she wore was gold, and i finally had a short person's style to covet. 

i'm  not sure why it is not obvious to everyone 
that kourtney is the only kardashian who dresses well. 
so, naturally, from day one, she has been my favorite kardashian to watch.
plus, she keeps such stylish company - scott + mason.
bet that penelope will give suri a run for her money.
don't worry, suri doesn't make my list. 

blair + serena.
i had to put them both.
when i started gossip girl, i thought blair was the end-all of chic.
then i got very bored with her.
lately, serena has been the one to watch...
that is, when i'm not dying over chuck bass' fashion.

you're not seeing double.
doctor zoey hart is quite distinct from summer roberts.
aside from the random alabama get-up she has to wear,
zoey's style mirrors rachel bilson's. 

 sometimes we don't realize how much our own fashion
is influenced by those characters we watch on a weekly basis. 
we may not try to be exact copies, but we might borrow from a scarf we saw on gossip girl
or a skirt suit we saw on mad men. 
oh, but sometimes, we are very aware...
 in fact, "we" put rachel bilson posters all over our freshman dorm room.
"we" were that cool.

these folks, outside of their characters, are all on my shortlist of my fashion muses.
throw them in a blender and add lululemon = it's my kind of concoction. 

who has inspired you throughout the years? 

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