Thursday, August 2, 2012

trend spotting: handbag edition

if you're like i am, you notice when a person has a great bag.
the days of vomiting logos all over a purse are over. 
by now, we all know what it means to see "c", "lv" or "h" all over a purse.
the best luxuries are often understated classics,
and i've spotted a few eye-catching trends.

it is no secret that i am an avid kardashian fan,
and i always notice their bags.
it seemed that for season after season, 
each sister could not sport enough of the hermes birkin bag.
lately, however, i keep seeing everyone on the show with a celine. 
the structure of the bag is very memorable.
upon further research, i noticed other brands are capturing a similar look. 
check it out:

ladies and gentlemen,
reed krakoff. 
when i heard that his accessories won best accessories award 
at the cfda ceremonies this year, 
i decided to check it out.
so chic. 

meet kate.
spade, that is. 
this bag achieves that same luxurious look of celine and krakoff
without a price tag in the thousands.

now now, isn't this much better than a pattern of "c's"?
yes, friends, a coach bag. 

the theme to watch: bags with the expandable look of the celine. 
i'll keep an eye out for the trend to see if i can find any that retail
for less than $400 and report back soon. 

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