Friday, August 24, 2012

when life hands you lemons...make lululemons!

you know how some brands just spread like wildfire?
i've got one for you.
but i'll bet you already know. 
you've already seen it, googled it, or bought it. 
have you seen this ?
or what about this...
i'm not good with pronunciation guides, 
but my best attempt is this - lululemon
loo-loo-lemon [think, citrus fruit]

there's something much bigger than a brand at work here.
[which, cynically, is marketing genius]
for many folks, it is a lifestyle of physical and mental well-being.
for me, it's style, comfort, and utility.
you can pack a lot of stuff in one pair of lulu pants. 

the moment you try it on you think,
"why did i ever wear anything else?"

really, just because i love kourtney kardashian.

 don't get me wrong, i love my nike shorts. 
but, on my worst days, an elastic waistband is not going to cut it for me.
in my experience,  lululemon apparel considers the female body
and designs accordingly. 

i get it.
like so many brands,
the price point is not for everyone.
you're thinking, "that much? for workout clothes?"
there's a point well taken.
what can i say, blame canada. 

but, let me tell you all i have done with lulu.
run. 5k. 10k. attempted half marathon. grocery shop. race for the cure.
yoga. pilates. pure barre. run errands. sleep. go out [truth]. stored keys.
stored glucose tabs. stored gu. conquered the heat. conquered the cold.
endured law school classes. found myself inspired by a bag.
trust me, this stuff doesn't just hang in my closet;
it dominates my hamper. 

i don't work for lululemon,
so this is from the shopaholic heart.
 i am always interested in what makes a particular brand soar to greatness.
from what i can tell, this one packs culture, comfort, and community into one brand.
oh, and not to mention, chic.

[memphis just got its own store. eep!]

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