Friday, September 14, 2012

counterfeit: the great unchic

the temptation is everywhere.
sometimes it is done on purpose.
sometimes it is done through ignorance.
but the folks who are making fake designer wallets, purses, shoes, etc.
are engaging in illegal activity.

intellectual property is a fascinating field.
in fact, i have to be careful when i blog to give credit where credit is due.
and, if i haven't, i need to fix it. 
it is complicated, and you may not know when you're guilty. 

people who really love fashion
will uphold the integrity of the design industry.
these designers work so hard on design and branding,
and lose a lot of money when people sell knock-offs.
maybe you think,
"my one bag won't hurt CHANEL."
those "one bags" add up. 

if i cannot afford the designers i love,
then i don't buy them. 
if i do, it is the product of a special occasion or saving.
i would rather abstain than tarnish the industry.

whether it is fashion designs, music, or an orange at the grocery store,
theft is theft. 

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