Thursday, September 6, 2012

girl on the go.

as i peruse [and re-peruse] pinterest,
i find that i am drawn to fashion pins of girls on the go.
you know the look-
chic outfit on a person walking swiftly with coffee.
no, really, that's the pose.
love it.
i love the convenient timing of the photog who is all,
"ooh, look  at her...on the go. she is just like us."
then bam! she's in us weekly. walking. with coffee.
who is this chick? i don't know. but look at her go!
two coffees. like eight purses. that must-answer phone call.
she looks like she mugged the knockoff purses in chinatown,
but at least she looked good doing it.
coffee + [pastry?] + purse + phone.
on a [roof?] peering into the distance.

she is super busy. i mean, keys, purse, phone, coffee...
give me that blazer, friend.
in all seriousness, i pinned all of these because the fashion is great.
but i noticed they all look so busy
you want to know where they are going with all that caffeine.
let's be real, they are all probably being hand-delivered to rachel zoe. 

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