Thursday, September 20, 2012

i've got a feelin'...

you know how they say life imitates art?
so true, isn't it?
when i think back on certain films,
i remember it changing the way i view fashion.
i've got a feelin' that the great gatsby is going to shape fashion's near future.
thank prada

what movies influenced your aesthetic?
for me, all the audrey films.
strangely, sweet home alabama inspired me.
clueless, of course.
y'all, now and then sent me through a huge keds and flannel phase.

1. paris when it sizzles   2. sweet home alabama   3. now and then   4. the devil wears prada   5. sabrina   6. midnight in paris   7. clueless   8. the help   9. breakfast at tiffany's

cuddle up with these if you're looking for some inspiration.
cannot wait to see what the great gatsby brings!

1 comment:

  1. I am so beyond excited for this movie. Definitely one of my favorite books EVER! And such an amazing cast. I wonder if Prada will become even more iconic than it already is- much like Audrey Hepburn flicks did for Givenchy!

    PS: I asked for that Breakfast at Tiffany's sleep mask for a stocking stuffer this year :)


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