Sunday, October 7, 2012

fashion inspiration: sarah vickers

the best thing about fashion blogging,
in my mind, 
is enjoying the work of other fashion bloggers,
and learning the meaning of being inspired versus merely copying someone. 

my current blogger obsession is a girl named sarah vickers.
for a lot of people who navigate the blog-world, 
this is not a new name.

she authors a blog entitled
i really encourage you to check it out.

not only did it reactivate my love for preppy styles,
it has me dying to travel to the northeast.
i've only seen new york city,
and i would love to really enjoy the beauty of new england. 

yes, i too thought she was kate middleton at first blush...

she inspired this look for me:

what i really loved about sarah vickers' looks was the use of color. there is a certain preppy color pallet that attracts me,
you can find preppy looks in unexpected those ll bean catalogs you're used to throwing away. for me, i bought the top 2 sizes too big from abercrombie and fitch (open-mindedness, people). i wanted it to fit more like a guy's fit, so i ordered up. i topped it with a kersh wrap sweater i had hanging in my closet from indigo. now, if i really wanted to copy, i would have worn some camel corduroys, but i like to draw inspiration and then go my own direction - red lips, flared pants, and wedge booties. 

i've learned that it is okay to have muses.
i have about a dozen from whom i draw inspiration.
but imagine, the inspiration all gets mixed up in a blender
and the end result is something very individual.

so today, 
find your muses. 
dissect why you like them.
and build the story of your own personal style. 

want to shop the style?
check out brands like...

what i have learned about preppy style is that it is all about quality clothing.
often, the garment is vintage or a family heirloom, passed down for generations.
so you can find it in your mom's closet, your grandma's catalogs, or in your favorite store.

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