Monday, October 29, 2012

fisherman's sweater

most garments have an origin,
many of which i learned from tim gunn's fashion bible.

fascinating + cozy is the fisherman's sweater, or aran jumper.
irish in its origin, the fisherman adorned themselves in these garments, 
many of which had symbolic/superstitious value. 
for example, a stitch pattern called honeycomb represented the worker bee.
the cable-knit represented safety and good luck when fishing.

i love a garment with a strong heritage and a sweet disposition.

1. michael kors   2. a + ro via piperlime   3. awear

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  1. How interesting! I didn't realize that the stitch patterns had meanings....I definitely need to read Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible- I adore him :)

    Morgan at Wake Up Your Wardrobe


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