Sunday, October 21, 2012

home decor: chic baby nursery

nope, i am not with child.
[just wanted to dispel those rumors now]

but i have developed quite a few opinions on chic nurseries. 
like fashion, decor trends change with time.
right now, for example, gray is the neutral for nurseries.
[it was also a huge color trend i saw at the vesta home show]

this is what i am loving right now:
shades of white + vintage touches
[based on a girl's nursery]

the big inspiration pic is one from a site called babylifestyles
the enumerated items are the essentials to complete the look.

what i love about this:
clean look you will not get sick of seeing. 
bottom-line: chic.
1. chandelier    2. mirror   3. hermes baby blanket   4. crib   5. mirrored dresser   6. rug

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