Wednesday, October 3, 2012

i'll never let go, trends.

a random facebook status of mine yesterday prompted a question -
are there pieces of fashion with which you refuse to part?
it is tricky, you know? 
they say fashion trends are cyclical, but does that include everything?
will we once again embrace the juicy suit?
will we really welcome shoulder pads and mc hammer pants?
or are some things supposed to fall out of the cycle for good?

ugg boots. 

you all know how i feel about these.
even if i get made fun of until the day i die,
i will wear them forever.
toe rings.
i couldn't handle putting an actual foot on my blog,
so here are a bunch of toe rings.
i'll admit that i used to do it,
but who didn't?
the real question is...will they be back?

juicy suits. 
if it must be known,
i want these to come back.
to me, it is the cousin of the ugg boot
in that it does nothing to flatter me
but it feels sooooo good.

and a little fashion psychology...
isn't it funny how when something is in style,
you think it looks awesome and cannot wait to have it?
as soon as you hear it is out,
it becomes the cheesiest thing you've ever seen.

take the juicy suit for example.
via purseblog.
i remember thinking,
"this looks so cozy. so chic. i need it for airports. travel. errands, sick days."

i'll tell you one thing, 
i am not throwing mine away!

so, what do you have that you hope will come back in style?
what do you wish would leave?
what do you still wear in rebellion and say "who CARES?"

no, really, you have to tell me.
this topic interests me almost as much as hipsters.

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  1. I'm ok if these don't come back. I think they've been taken over by the trashy.


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