Friday, October 5, 2012

on my christmas list: equipment blouse

the brand: equipment.
the origin: 1976
the idea: introduce men's shirts into women's fashion with added dose of glam.
the man behind the name: serge azria
the category: great fashion staple.
the pros: chic classic look. versatile.
the cons: hefty price tag.
these are all equipment blouses. shop each accordingly...
1. sophie imperial stripe   2. daddy brigitte stripe   3. sophie colorblock   4. signature blouse in citranelle 
5. daddy blouse antonia scarf   6. isabelle colorblock

believe it or not,
the holidays are oh-so-near.
i will post my christmas-wishes,
but i also have something in store for december.
for the 25-days before christmas,
i will post gift
you'll never run out of ideas for your friends and loved ones!
stay tuned :)

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