Tuesday, October 2, 2012

put some prep in your step

                                                              upon doing a little research,
it occurs to me that the word "prep" can be vague.
after all, the way folks do prep in the south is very different from its northeastern roots.
also, london's prep is different still.
there is overlap in brands worn, but different aesthetics nonetheless.

i personally don't prefer the southern version (seersucker & the like), 
and i am fascinated by the culture of east coast living.
there, prep is more a lifestyle than a fashion choice.

this is an image of folks in the hamptons in the 1960s.
courtesy of new york daily news.

1. sebago bala   2. penfield jacket   3.  hunter socks   4. barbour jacket   5. sperry topsider   6. vineyard vines  

7. kiel james patrick   8. pendleton   9. hunter boots

want to learn more? click "shop" at the top of the page and order the book true prep. it is such an interesting read and definite culture-shock if you're a southerner like me.

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