Monday, October 15, 2012

weekend roundup: MINTy monday

umm...where is this going?
first, do know that i am drinking dunkin' donuts mocha mint coffee.
next, do know that i am still in love with my mint websites.
[shoemint. stylemint. intimint. <--my faves]
i wanted to share this month's purchases.

mona loafers on the model.

how i wore them: zara shirtdress + banana republic cardigan + j. crew belt + shoemint mona loafers.
interested in shoemint? let me know! 

my girl, rachel bilson, [who doesn't know i exist] wearing shoemint jolly

urban outfitters flannel + paige denim skinny jeans + shoemint jolly wedges

breakin' it dowwwnnn...

buy me, maybe...
hi, i am the best jean ever. check me out.

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