Friday, November 30, 2012

dr. purselove: how i learned to start shopping for myself

a fashion enthusiast in the throws of american consumerism
is a dangerous situation. 
there is always temptation to keep up with the joneses. 
[who are the joneses anyway?!]
[[i think we should roll their house so they'll move away forever]]
but you get my drift:
there is a new "it-bag" every. time. i. blink.
were i ever to get one, half the world would be over it already.

so. while i pay attention to the trends, i ask myself a series of questions to ensure
that i want the bag for the right reasons.

one. you don't want it because some fashionista you love has it, do you?
two. does it cost more than your macbook pro? 
three. do you really care if no one has heard of the label?
four. do you really need a purse with emblems everywhere?
five. will you wear it? really wear it? [and own it?]

1. 3.1 phillip lim pashli  2. coach legacy candance carryall   3. dvf harper connect
 4. marc jacobs wristlet   5. reed krakoff boxer tote [violates rule #2]

i love the idea of a signature bag. 
the birkin. the kelly. even olivia palermo has inspired a bag.
so, i search for bags that fit my personality and speak to me personally
[rather than kardashianally]
[[if it is not a word now, just you wait]]

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