Sunday, November 4, 2012

geek chic: personality glasses

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it all started back in middle school.
i wanted glasses, but i did not need them.
claire's happened. they sold fakes. i bought.
 a beautiful relationship was born.

at the ripe age of twenty-five,
i still don't need glasses, despite the best efforts of my diabetes.
i don't oft walk into claire's anymore,
so urban outfitters hooks me up. 

so, yes, i admit it.
i wear glasses as an accessory, not a necessity. 
and i am darn proud of it.

my grandma calls them my personality glasses. 
and i made a pinterest board with that very title.

my nephew, zen, and i. this was a whole different look when my hair was goooone.

andrew and i at happy mexican. yes, i can still see the menu without them. but, seriously, what a fun accessory for $12.00!

the fab mira duma rocking the trend.

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