Friday, November 9, 2012

just say no

developing one's own personal style
means knowing when to say 'no'.
you shouldn't force yourself to play along with certain trends 
just because they are seemingly everywhere.
for example, you may hate my glasses fetish
[many do].

here are the trends where i just say no.
[though i may like it on others]

it could be because i have no figure.
it coud be because i like to leave a little to the imagination.
i will leave this one for the kardashian sisters.

ombre anything
okay, there's subtle...and then there is this.
some of my very favorite fashionistas have done it,
but it pains me every time i see a brunette waging a civil war on her head.
this look is finally fading into oblivion -
pun intended.

i have the height that lends itself to platform assistance,
but these shoes are not for me.
i am not a foe of heel-height, but the chunky platform looks more spice girl than chic
...and i don't mean victoria beckham
the moral of the story:
i don't set the trends.
i don't get to be the authority on what comes in style.
but i do get to look at the trends and pick what suits me best. 
that is how we end up having an eclectic fashion season
instead of a bunch of clones.

use your discretion and stick to your guns.
if you don't like it, that's fine!

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