Wednesday, November 28, 2012

no need to take the edge off...

miley via stylebistro

what do you think of when you hear someone's style referred to as "edgy"?
i used to think of rebelling souls adorned in motorcycle jackets.
...or john bender's character on the breakfast club.
so, you can imagine that i didn't assume it to be a compliment...

but i have changed my tune.
now, i view "edgy" quite literally as fashion on the edges.
by that, i mean dressing outside fashion's comfort zones. 
[think: miley. rihanna. gwen stefani.]

i know plenty of girls who look at a jacket and say, "i can't..."
but where's the fun in that? 
but-for designers living on the edge and innovating trends,
fashion would never evolve.

trendsetters are often edgy.
unafraid of risk.
often rewarded.
this holiday season, 
try it.

1. [dare to be boho] mm couture blouse   2. [dare to be nerd chic] warby parker glasses  
3. [dare to wear urban kicks] ash sneakers   4. [dare to be militant] asos camo jacket
5. [dare to be symbolic] house of harlow cross earrings 
6. [dare to shine] dorothy perkins sequined jacket   7. [dare to be mobster] gap fedora
8. [dare to colorblock] rag and bone leggings

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