Tuesday, November 27, 2012

tv muse: downton abbey

for those of you who don't know,
downton abbey is a show that airs on pbs.

it depicts aristocratic life (from servants to celebrity) in england in the early 1900s. 
so, as you might imagine, the fashion is oh-so-savory.

i am only two episodes in,
but i have noticed some trends - hats, gowns, and outerwear. 

via fanpop.
feminine + soft, while always exuding one's status. 

fashion could also reflect lack of status.
behold: the servant's uniform.
i love the outdoors gear - everyone still looks so proper. 


  1. I've never seen this show but I've heard so much about it and I've always wondered what is that? :) I might just have to check it out

  2. I have just seen the first episode from the last season. Their outfits are amazing!


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