Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 days of christmas: all that glitters

all that glitters.
around the holidays, we gals are drawn to sequins, glitter, rhinestones...
it exudes festivity and femininity.

remember, these gifts can be purchased locally

or you can shop online now by following the links below:

1. j. crew pumps   2. rachel zoe hat/sleeves   3. cream and sugar   4. sparkly sperry
5. lorac shimmery shadow   6. tory burch bangle   7. mossimo sequined sleeve jacket   8. betsy johnson bangle set
9. shimmery converse   10. modcloth blue blazer   11. j. crew glitter belt   12. ann taylor clutch
13. tory burch navy glitter flats   14. old navy sequined scarf   15. sequined leggings   16. deborah lippmann nail polish

as promised, here is friends clip #1.
speaking of all that glitters,
joey gave chandler a little too much bling as a gift.


  1. Hi Jordan! You look great in the video, and this is such a great idea!
    Greets from Milan :)

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