Sunday, December 2, 2012

25 days of christmas: british chic

via yeahbritish tumblr blog
it may not be our homeland anymore,
but we certainly still adore our british fashion designers and brands.
some of my very favorite gifts each year are british.
[burberry quilted jacket + burberry scarf + barbour jacket]

and the british offer up quite a few fashion muses.
it may be the duchess of cambridge wearing her favorites from issa london.
it may be victoria beckham wearing her own...
but the british can do chic,
and we can be a part of it this holiday season:
1. women's barbour vest   2. mulberry bracelet   3. stella mccartney for kids bib set   4. burberry check scarf
5. vivienne westwood laptop case   6. men's barbour jacket   7. issa london neck scarf   8. butter london nail polish
9. topshop boots   10. a.w. anderson for topshop skirt   11. topshop peplum jacket   12. burberry shirt
13. issa london dress   14. burberry tie   15. stella mccartney sunnies   16. topshop trench

we all remember the infamous episodes where ross and the gang go to london
so that he can marry emily, right?

well, joey, in true-joey-fashion was a bit too excited.

locally, you can find barbour at oak hall.

online, you can follow the links above or check out:
topshop + nordstrom + orvis + bloomingdales

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  1. I love how you put a friends clip on each blog! I love friend, one of those shows that never ever gets old!!
    xo jess

  2. I luv that Topshop trench.


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