Wednesday, December 5, 2012

25 days of christmas: dashing denim

part of my stash...
since the inception of levi strauss,
denim has evolved from a piece of utility to a staple of luxury.
what makes denim a great gift is the longevity. . .
for example, you may catch me wearing a pair of sevens from high school. 
behold: dashing denim . . .

buy locally at indigo germantown

or online through the following dashing denim gift guide:
1. ag stilt jeans   2. citizens of humanity corduroys in cumin   3.paige denim striped skinny   4. gap 1969 mens
5. gap 1969 boyfriend jean   6. citizens of humanity red leatherette   7. ag stilt ikat   8. citizens of humanity mens
9. paige denim skylike skinny   10. citizens of humanity tan   11. 7 for all mankind metallic   12. ag jeans mens

in today's friends clip,
enjoy the lengths that monica will go to see if the maid is stealing her jeans...

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