Friday, December 14, 2012

25 days of christmas: the ivory closet

last night, i was fortunate enough to blog the grand opening event for the ivory closet.
[what is that?]
if you haven't heard already, harbor town got its very own boutique!
i was drawn to it immediately, and i have made several awesome purchases.
take a look at what great things this store has to offer!

the party started around 6:00, and there were already so many people there!
all the decorations and details were so well thought-out...
alexandra, the girl behind the ipad, is the proud owner of the ivory closet.
she has such a warm personality, and that always makes the shopping experience special!
the precious chocolate lab is harley, the shopdog. 

some of the little details were so breathtaking.
the balloons were so cute.
and there was plenty in the way for florals and festivity!

when you walk in, the corner has a great array of beauty products, candles, and other goodies!
i believe alexandra plans to do more to emphasize beauty and cosmetics in the ivory closet.

here are some of the great candle offerings.
i have smelled each and every one of them, and i know they would make any gift recipient happy!

here are a few different angles of the shop.

one of my favorite things about the apparel in the ivory closet is the attention to detail.
also, alexandra does a great job of pairing her jewelry with the apparel to capture complete looks.

i love all of these looks!
in fact, i bought the dress in the upper-right corner last night.
you cannot beat a great dress for under $60!
there are plenty of pops of color from which to choose,
from basic layering tops to great striped pieces.

there are also great pieces in class black, white, and grey scale.
prints + stripes
and no shortage of sparkle for the new year!


you mean, i don't have to drive off the island any more to get a greeting card? hallelujah!
it is so nice having a gift shop so close!
up top, you'll see a great set of elephant baby blankets.
these blankets are made locally by a resident of harbor town. 

you guys, the jewelry is amazing and so eclectic.
one of the last times i went in, alexandra was telling me about the unique keys
that one particular jewelry designer brought home form europe to make these great necklaces!
great jewelry at really great prices.

these must be a new addition because i had never seen them before!
they sure do look sharp.

there are scarves everywhere in the ivory closet!
as i have said many times, you cannot beat a scarf for a christmas gift. 

in sum, i am thrilled harbor town has a boutique.
i am even more thrilled that the owner is as nice and welcoming as she can be!

the ivory closet is truly a one-stop-shop for anything 
you may need for yourself or others this holiday season.

worried about the price?
don't. each piece is quite reasonable given its high chic-factor!

learn more about the ivory closet here:
don't forget to "like" the page! 
alexandra does a great job of updating it with the new inventory, and things go quickly!

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