Thursday, December 6, 2012

25 days of christmas: java jubilee

if you go to school or work in an office, 
chances are you either love coffee yourself or know someone who does.
i associate coffee with reinvigoration and productivity.
[so much so, that i have a pinterest board for coffee inspirations alone]

locally, you can find many of these products.

here's how to shop them online:
just follow the links below.
most items are under $50! 
1. keurig coffee maker   2. cafe du monde coffee and chicory   3. colorful mug set   4. mackenzie-childs mugs
5. cuisinart coffee maker   6. coffee gift basket   7. k-cup tree   8. fuel up coffee mug
9. mr. coffee iced coffee maker   10. starbucks gift card   11. christmas mugs   12. victoria's secret pink tumbler

we all know the friends gang hangs out at central perk,
but always make sure the coffee is fresh
[aka not brewed by rachel green]

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