Tuesday, December 4, 2012

25 days of christmas: scarf edition

scarves can make or break an outfit.
scarves keep you warm.
whether you're like the "girl in the green scarf" coveting the hermes scarf,
or you enjoy scarves for their practicality,
the scarf is one of the most popular gifts to give at christmas!

i snapped photographs of a lot of great scarves at indigo germantown last month:

or there are great options to buy online:

1. burberry gauze  scarf   2. hermes scarf   3. gucci scarf   4. dvf logo scarf   5. merona tartan scarf
6. pendleton portland scarf   7. dvf flotilda scarf   8. brooks brothers tartan scarf   9. j. crew houndstooth scarf
10. rachel zoe faux fur scarf   11. eddie bauer men's scarf   12. j. crew leopard scarf   13. ugg australia scarf
14. j. crew zigzag scarf   15. pendleton adventure capital scarf   16. tory burch all-over t scarf
in today's friends clip,
phoebe tries her hand at knitting a scarf...

1 comment:

  1. How can you find a Friend's sketch for every single post? I am amazed!
    And hey, I am a big scarf-lover. It's my classic gift for Christmas :$...


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