Monday, December 3, 2012

25 days of christmas: sense of smell

my current trifecta

i am convinced that smell + mood are inextricably linked.
i love for my home to smell good. my hair. my body. my pillow.
gifts that appeal to one's sense of smell tend to be popular...
[unless you're guessing his or her taste...and guess wrong]
i like most smells, so i'd die to get any of these gifts!

1, balenciaga florabotanica   2. cc home furnishings soy candle   3. l'occitane pillow mist   4. jo malone candle
5. aromatherapy associates travel essentials   6. tom ford black orchid   7. michael aram candle   8. benefit body balm
9. hermes cologne   10. woodwick candles   11. chanel no. 5   12. niven morgan hand lotion
13. yankee candle   14. amazing grace shower gel   15. jo malone diffuser   16. balenciaga paris
many of these need to be purchased online;
however, some can be found locally.
if you want to know where, don't hesitate to ask me.

here is a brief friends clip wherein joey explains to chandler
a little something about the sense of smell...

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