Monday, December 31, 2012

exclusively chic bids you a happy new year!

we have made it, readers!
we survived another fashionable year,
and now we set our sights on new fashions. 

yours truly has a done a good bit of self-reflection
when it comes to the personal style i developed in 2012,
the elements i want to crossover with me into 2013,
and the fashion resolutions i intend to adopt to diversify my look.

if you know me at all, then you know i am a sucker for a good pair of glasses.
perhaps it is my inner-nerd, but i intend on bringing these warby parker preston glasses with me into the new year!

here is a fashion resolution: don't go too sweet. this is fitting advice for a diabetic like myself, but it has a purpose in fashion as well. you see, routinely people assume i am somewhere between the ages of 14-17.
i will be 26 in march. if i dress too sweet [too taylor swift, if you will], then i run the risk of looking junior.
there are still ways to pull off a little femininity, like this rachel roy shirt i wore for christmas...

would you have guessed in a million years that i own these shoes?
well, maybe you would...
in fact, i do own them. i wear them. i love them.
i promised myself that i would drown out the white noise of criticism
and simply wear the things i like.
so, in 2013, you'll see me in these steve madden kicks quite a bit...
here's to shaking the haters off and being true to you!

i am ready to blog it up in 2013!
i have already been studying the spring trends,
and there is a lot of good news to report!
for example, it looks like my never-ending love affair with boyfriend jeans [above] can continue...
i swear, i have been hooked ever since i saw katie holmes in a pair years ago...
shop one of my favorite pairs here!

i don't know about your fashion resolutions, 
but i have made plenty...too many really.

the one i'd love for my readers to adopt?
in 2013, don't even think about saying, "i can't pull that off"
you can, and you will. 

stay tuned for some of the old:
collages, chic city spotlights, etc.

some of the new:
wedding series

and my personal favorite:
exclusively chic goes to the grammys! 
yes, i invite you into my wardrobe decision-making process 
as i prepare a look for the grammy awards. 
i couldn't be more excited to be attending in the first place,
but in a year when mumford & sons is nominated?
i'm thrilled beyond. 

to all of you,
have a safe and wonderful new year! 
see you in 2013 


  1. Very cute details!!

    Happy New Year!!


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