Friday, January 18, 2013

city spotlight: vancouver, featuring gumboot glam

chic city spotlight has moved north this week.
no, i don't mean new york.
i'm talking about vancouver.
canada, people! 

not only is it the former home of the memphis grizzlies...
not only is it the location of the lululemon headquarters...
it is also home to a fabulous fashion blogger named ally, 
who authors gumboot glam

you guys, i am obsessed with this blog.
it is feminine, edgy, creative...[i could go on and on]
you will see quickly that ally exudes style.

[all images belong to gumboot glam]

describe vancouver fashion in one word.


compare and contrast your fashion experience in canada versus the united states.

there are definitely better deals to be had in the united states and also much much more selection, although canada is getting better.

where are the best places to shop in vancouver?

because i am always looking for unique pieces, i tend to do quite a bit of boutique shopping and gastown is definitely the best place for that!

what brands are highly coveted where you are?
people here LOVE their designer handbag and shoes!

what is a vancouver fashionista wearing on a typical day?
i can’t speak to everyone else, but this fashionista lives in girly skirts, button down tops and sky-high

what Spring trend are you most looking forward to adopting?
 i LOVE color and am looking forward to wearing lots of bold colors.

 what current trend do you wish would go away?
sloppiness, i like any look as long as it looks put together. and wearing workout clothes when you are not working out, or on your way to or from the gym!

finish the sentence. a fashionable vancouver girl would not be caught without 
cute gumboots!

you’re a fashion blogger. what inspired you to start a blog?
i work in corporate finance, which often doesn’t give you a lot of space for personal wardrobe expression. i really really wanted to explore the world of fashion, which i have always been in love with, but never had the chance to pursue formally. additionally, i wanted to have a channel for creative expression. blogging also gives me a chance and reason to shop almost every day – i’m just doing my research!

what makes blogging in vancouver fun or unique?
all of the unique styles, and different neighbourhoods – it makes for fun and interesting
locations to shoot.

fast-forward 5 years. where do you see yourself? and do you see a place for gumboot glam?
i see myself branching into more of a lifestyle blog – which still focuses heavily on fashion. i would really love to work with more bloggers as well as brands. 

thanks so much to ally of gumboot glam for contributing to chic cities...
here are more of her links:


  1. It was so fun to work on this with you Jordan!
    Thank you so much for featuring me

    xo Ally

  2. Wow! Love the looks!! Great photos!!

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