Saturday, January 5, 2013

designer spotlight: isabel marant

i have missed my designer spotlight series. 
if you have too, behold the first of 2013:
isabel marant, born in paris. 
[eezabel muhrant]
yep, that is my own pronunciation guide based on my research...

isabel marant from oddache
you guys, she learned to sew at 15.
i wish i had that on my agenda at 15.

why do i love these pants?
they look classic but in an urban-chic shade.
isabel marant does urban-chic so well. 

check out these pants by the designer
they actually retail for less than most designer denim brands!

these sandals may be on my birthday list for spring!
who doesn't love a good, classic sandal in a neutral shade?

i love these sandals for spring/summer

excuuuse me? a sleeveless tuxedo jacket?
elegance meets edgy.
[what? don't worry about it...]

sleeveless jacket - this could be a grammy outfit option for me!

yep, if one thing is associated with isabel marant, 
it is this sneaker wedge. 
y'all know i'm game for them :)

from the pioneer of the wedge sneaker, isabel marant's version.


  1. I like that! Keep doing the Designer Spotlights!

    1. Thanks! I definitely will... any you would like to see?

  2. Peu importe comment votre panier traditionnelle basket Isabel marant peut-être, vous pouvez toujours avoir du plaisir en le piquant avec une paire de chaussures de tueur. Ils peuvent être un accessoire de fonction, ou un détail surprise d'être révélé à la réception.

  3. Shopping for isabel marant sneakers is quite possibly the most convenient method of deciding on ladies footwear in england today.

  4. They're such a lovely, versatile pair of shoes. You'll wonder how you ever did without isabel marant sneakers! X


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