Thursday, January 3, 2013

morning quick post: estee lauder + lilly pulitzer

good morning upper-east siders...
[no wait, that was just a dream...]

hellllooo memphis! 
the sun is shining this morning, alas.

i did my daily browse through women's wear daily this morning,
and i felt a little behind the curve

why did no one tell me that estee lauder and lilly pulitzer were doing a collab.?
my mother-in-law knows i am a product junkie,
so she saves me all her extras from estee lauder.
[check out my pinterest board, product junkie, for evidence]

this is a smart collaboration because some consumers will buy anything lilly.
i mean anything, from wrapping paper to coffee mugs. 
in the south, this is the punctuation of prep. 

personally, i am hot-and-cold with lilly. 
i am drawn more to the accessories than the wardrobe.
it can make me look even younger than junior, and the sizes run a tad big.
that being said, this is one of my favorite lilly shirts..

action shot before stephanie bada
taught me to wobble.

and a makeup bag? 
now that is something i can get behind...

go forth and conquer this morning! 
fresh-faced and fancy free...

1 comment:

  1. ugh... dont judge... i am said lilly whore you reference. my fond love of expensive childrens clothing has kept me from recent years collections but this... i will be bandwagoning. but i agree with you, i am hot/ cold with lilly. chic-er, more 60-70's esque is better. :)


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