Wednesday, January 2, 2013


it sure doesn't feel like spring here in memphis.
perhaps because it isn't. 

it's the dead of winter, but my brain is on the fashion cycle.
this is the time when i have stopped buying cold weather clothes
and begin investing in my spring looks.

frankly, i've never been into this look:

maybe it is because i am 5'1",
maybe it is because i lack the requisite victoria's secret legs,
but super-short shorts have never been my bag.

what does spring mean to you?
my spring tastes vary from preppy/clean looks to my favorite, boho-chic.

1. mara hoffman maxi   2. winter kate shorts   3. haute hippie dress   4. rachel zoe sandals
5. rachel zoe dress   6. tibi pants   7. house of harlow shoes

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